Casio Ex-word Electronic Dictionary Chinese Model Xd-u7300we White


Electronic dictionary EX-word Chinese model
22 + content 78 other contents collecting Chinese

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◆ achieve the learning function compared with native heard by the deployment of voice microphone
By After listening to native speakers of a role model, recording the speech of their own, and compare the sound, you are increasing the speaking ability. You’ll be able to speaking is added leading up to this, listening and writing, to extend the English language proficiency more comprehensive.

◆ twin color LCD equipped with touch panel and sub-panel color LCD to the main panel and
I adopt the Blanview liquid crystal display clearly the character on the screen of the white background on the main screen. The battery life of about 130 hours and can be utilized with confidence in work or school in the twin color display. In addition, a feature of “color sticky” “color notes” “color marker”, and check the items you need to needless to say, such as the creation of a “card memorization” You’ll be able to use in the same sense as the word card, learning function of color only be enhanced have.
Main panel
It may be operated by such screen scrolling and selection of content, touch panel directly. It is convenient to be entered by hand also complex Chinese characters with a large screen, to examine the Chinese characters that have no idea how to read the. In addition, handwriting input, 50 sound, such as the alphabet can be made at the soft keyboard.
Quick palette
By the left and right of the main panel, to place an icon that may be called quickly incessantly used functions, pen touch more intuitive operation is imaginable.
You’ll be able to check and input of “card memorization” to save, as well as a discussion of such as viewing photos on the main panel in a pair of front and back and meaning words. And alphabet, handwriting input of Chinese / Korean is also imaginable.

◆ robust design to reduce the have an effect on of the drop, pressure and vibration “TAFCOT ”
Electronic dictionary EX-word Chinese model
22 + content 78 other contents collecting Chinese


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