Envirolet MS10 Waterless Self-Contained Composting Toilet (120VAC Electric), WHITE


Warranty: Lifetime external body, 5-year internal components
Premium waterless system alternative to septic
Clean, sanitary and odor-free, 6-8 adult capacity

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The Envirolet MS10 (120VAC Electric) is the best waterless self-contained composting toilet to be had.

Waterless self-contained systems are all-in-one models that are perfect for ground level installations.

If in case you have AC electric power to be had, this is the waterless self-contained system we recommend. No chemicals, incinerating or septic! Handles up to 8 people per day.

Envirolet dispels the myth that each one composting toilet systems are “created equal.” Only Envirolet Composting Toilet Systems are designed and engineered around our unique, patented, Automatic Six-Way Aeration and evaporation process.

Dual fans, operating along with natural microbe action, often circulate a large volume of air at a high drift rate around a specially shaped Aeration Basket. The Aeration Basket lines the inside of the system and maximizes waste surface area for better efficiency.

Only Envirolet features 2 fans (others have only 1) and an Aeration Basket.

Breakthrough technology dramatically improves both waste reduction and recycling by increasing aeration, evaporation and microbe activity. In addition, our patented design allows for significant reduction of the System size, whilst still maximizing System performance.

This superior System makes operation both convenient and simple, and eliminates the tiresome turning of waste required by some “manual drum” toilets.

There are no bathroom odors. Our toilet systems feature an easy to clean, sanitary bowl design and trap that easily opens and closes to be used. Click here to see the Bowl Trap in action! Waterless systems even have a removable bowl for easier cleaning.

Included with system purchase:

• Envirolet® MS10 (120VAC Electric)
Composting Toilet System
• 3″ Vent Kit (10′ x 3″ White Pipe, 2 x 3″ Couplings,
Silicone, Rubber Roof Flashing)
• 4″ Wind Turbine Ventilator
• Premix Starter Kit
• Daily Mix (sample size)
• Envirolet® Compost Accelerator (small)
Warranty: Lifetime external body, 5-year internal components
Premium waterless system alternative to septic
Clean, sanitary and odor-free, 6-8 adult capacity
Ideal for cottage, cabin, home or business
4″ Wind Turbine included standard with system


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