The All-New American Radio Car


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The All-New American Radio Car, a novella in two parts by Jordano Bortolotto, is an interesting new roughly young-adult literature that looks to pop culture for insight into the human condition.

Ten years ago, a ban on radios in vehicles was once enacted out of concern that they cause drivers to change into too distracted. Now that it’s been lifted, the first new vehicle to feature the up to now banned device is a sports car—and it’s creating moderately a sensation.

The All-New American Radio Car explores how this new product affects members of two different demographics—namely an old man seeking to regain a youth he never had and a group of artistically minded teenagers on the lookout for hedonistic thrills. The two stories are thematically united by the quest for glory, the fear of death, and the role of consumerism in shaping what we expect out of life.

Much like Jack Kerouac’s groundbreaking beatnik novel On the Road did over fifty years ago, this thought-provoking, nocturnal novella turns the literary world on its head, introducing an innovative cinematic style so we can resonate strongly with the many disillusioned and outcast members of up to date-day society.