BRK 9120LB Smoke Alarm, 120V Hardwired w/ Lithium Battery Backup


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About the BRK 9120LB 120V Hardwired, Interconnectable Smoke Alarm with Lithium Battery The BRK 9120LB is a great choice with regards to affordable smoke alarms. Redeigned from the ground up, BRK created the 9120LB model to directly replace past models whilst providing greatly improved sensing technology, improved installation method, and improved connectivety. All around, the BRK 9120LB is the easiest smoke alarm if you’re on the lookout for affordability with function. The BRK 9120LB uses new Smart Sensing Technology to reduce in nuissance alarms more efficiently and more correctly than ever before. The BRK 9120LB is designed for sleeping rooms in your house, hospitals, hotels, motels, college dormatories and multifamily housing units. Complies with NFPA101, UL217, CSFM, NFPA72, HUD, FHA, and other agencies. Where AC/DC silent smoke alarms are required, this model will work perfectly. The 9120LB model has the ability tobe interconnected within a circuit of alarms and other alert devices such as bells, whistles, repeaters, fans, or switches. (You’ll connect up to 17 devices, of which 11 will also be smoke alarms, and 6 will also be alternate devices. Also integrated is a lithium battery backup to ensure your smoke alarms do not loose operation when your power fails, providing addtional security. Note: This item is the DIRECT replacement for the discontinued BRK 4120, 4120B, and 86RAC

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